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Into was made in flash.

Apparently Comparing Someone's Voice to Seth Green's is Flattering?

2008-11-23 04:14:09 by Masquatto

Lol. ws/333652

And here I was thinking people might think I was making fun of him.

I made a frag video.

2008-11-18 11:30:52 by Masquatto

I'm not sure why! 7K_s


But, I was too lazy for something like that.

Been playing a lot of TF2.


2008-08-07 15:07:53 by Masquatto

In a recent review for Super Mario Hyadain of mine, I said,
"The lip syncing was horrible, and the character designs were so incredibly cliche that I thought I was watching a satire on anime itself until I'd actually watched most of it. Just because you're using Japanese language and influence doesn't mean you can't branch out with your style."

Just a moment ago I looked back on it in the review pages and found that it had actually been responded to with a message I found amusing. The review above after mine by "Mr-Noobiwix" gave it a 10, and half of his/her review was dedicated to this:

Apparently "Japanese animation" and "excuse for lower standards" go hand in hand for some viewers these days.


Music video with... Hilter?

2008-05-26 03:50:19 by Masquatto

When I listen to good songs, I usually develop a sort of music video in my head. The first few times I listen to a song, there are usually competing "videos," but after a few listens, one typically will become the one that always plays in my head.

So, the new Coldplay song, Viva la Vida... first time listening, I had the image of a medieval king. Second time, it was a Napoleon. So far, it seemed normal.
Third time, though, a really strange idea hit my head: Hitler.

The music video is about Nazi Germany, focusing on Adolf Hitler. The first part is him in his bunker, before he kills himself. Most of the rest of the song is him recalling--in a flashback--his rise and his downfall, and in the end, it goes back to him in the bunker, and he kills himself. When the song goes on about "Jerusalem bells" and "Roman cavalry choirs," it shows his successful conquest to those appropriate images (his forces reaching Israel and the Vatican). It's really quite epic.

It then hit me that this song was brand new, and I had a pretty unique idea here. Maybe I should make a flash of it.
I wonder if people would think it's pro-Nazi or something.
Also if I could ever muster the motivation to actually finish something.

MGS Collab

2008-05-09 06:10:24 by Masquatto

Last night my TV went out and I got an idea I liked for an MGS collab part, so I started throwing it together, and this is what emerged...


Obviously, I haven't done the character visuals yet.
I'm not crazy about video game cartoons, but I am a fan of MGS, and most of my humor is pretty irrelevant to the game.
Also, I dunno if they'll accept it, as it's both a comm convo and over a minute long. Maybe its content redeems it, though. Who knows?

My friends and I are all fans of old-timey humor, so they immediately loved it when I showed it to them, but I'm not so certain about random internet people, so I'm posting the dialogue in the hopes that you guys will lend me your opinions on it; did you find it funny?

EDIT: I was able to make a cut version that's only 42 seconds. How do you think it fares in comparison to the original?


2008-03-21 21:19:53 by Masquatto

The Walter Joyce prequel's script is written, but I dunno if I have the motivation to actually make it. :'[
In it, Richard Robinson is driving on a long road on a very dark night when the benefactor begins talking to him through the radio. The benefactor disturbs him to the point where he wants to commit suicide, but he is unable to. I don't want to give it away, cause there's a chance I'll make it, but at this point, I really don't know. Maybe I should get some other voice actors and/or audio peoples so I don't have to worry about the microphone and so that I get more motivated with the group project mindset.

I've been asked why I don't make another comedy. For me, after I write a joke and get used to it, it loses all funniness, and I sort've lose my "confidence" in it. I dunno if you get what I mean.
I do have a really funny script I've been working on with friends though, so I might go for that. I would probably get other voice actors for that, but at least 2 characters I'd want to voice act myself.

Neither of these would be Clock movies. Come to think of it, I really haven't been terribly involved in the CC in quite some time. I should visit more. Hm.

So yeah, I'm pretty much just ranting about my uncertainty and lack of motivation at this point, so I'll just ask a question for those who want to say something: do you prefer comedies or interesting/serious flash movies?